Stefania Orrù. Into the world by Alessandra Redaelli There are artists who tell stories: skillful narrators capable of hypnotizing us, offering us reality through their painted or sculpted words. There are artists who – obsessively – choose to reveal themselves, with an absolute need for self-reference which seems to scream out to the world: “Love […]

Stefania Orrù. The enchantment of being. Material and/is light.

The theme of Being, which has always been at the centre of Stefania Orrù’s research, is investigated through a hermetic painting that encloses distinct sentimental urgencies. This is not a merely eye-catching surface lyricism, but rather a sort of reflection that knows how to linger in the passing between light and shade, returning to the […]

To find you in front of… by Silvano Agosti

To find you in front of Stefania’s paintings seems like a passage of season, when Nature vibrates attending to its own rebirth or apparent death. The usual path of contemplation in front of a painting: watching, thinking, feeling, with Stefania’s paintings and drawing extend the contemplation to the whole body of the observer and the […]